Alcohol abuse treatment at Novavi

Alcohol abuse treatment at Novavi is free for all danish citizens and permanent residents. If you want to be anonymous while receiving treatment, you can.

Alcohol abuse treatment at Novavi

Manchet: At Novavi you can receive free alcohol treatment. We help both the abuser and their relatives. Call 39 45 54 55 today to get alcohol abuse treatment.

Every year more than 3,000 people participate in an alcohol abuse treatment at Novavi in effort to change their drinking patterns. Some of them have a heavy alcohol addition, while others just have an unhealthy relationship to alcohol, but all of them share a wish to change their behavior. Novavi is the largest supplier of substance abuse treatments in Denmark and has 11 outpatient clinics on Sjælland. In corporation with the municipalities, Novavi offers free alcohol abuse treatments.

If you want to know more, please feel free to call us on 39 45 54 55 or go directly to one of our clinics. You can find addresses and opening hours here.

Alcohol abuse treatment

At Novavi, you can choose anonymity, and there is no waiting time to begin the treatment! As soon as you enter one of our outpatient clinics (link), you can start your treatment right away.

Our treatments are in alignment with guidelines from the Danish Health Authority and carried out by doctors, nurses and social workers in our outpatient clinics. Providing our treatments in outpatient clinics means that the person with the alcohol addiction will keep on living at home and be able to go to work as usual while participating in our treatment program. Our alcohol abuse treatment program is adapted to the individual with personal goals for the treatment.

Whether the goal is to quit drinking alcohol altogether or just reduce alcohol consumption is completely up to the individual.

Steps in our alcohol abuse treatment

  1. First visit at our outpatient clinic: You will have your first meeting with our alcohol treatment counselor.
  2. Start your alcohol abuse treatment: You will have approx. 3 individual meetings with your addiction counselor.
  3. Regular alcohol treatment: You will have a meeting every two weeks + education and possibly group therapy.
  4. Ending of treatment: You will have individual meetings approx. every 2-4 months.
Novavi tilbyder ambulant alkoholbehandling på 8 behandlingssteder på Sjælland

Therapy for alcohol abuse focused on relatives or the entire family (abuser + relatives)

Call +45 39 45 54 55 or visit the nearest treatment facility, if you need help.

At Novavi, you can receive free treatment, even if you are not the alcohol abuser. When a family member has an alcohol addiction, it is usually everyone in the family who is affected. That is why you as a relative have the right to receive free treatment just like the alcohol abuser. If the family is up for it, you can also choose family treatment. When the family as a whole participates in therapy treatment, experience has shown that you will find better chances of change and improvements in the family’s quality of life.

Flere af Fonden Novavis behandlingssteder har mulighed for behandling udenfor almindelig arbejdstid

Family therapy consist of meetings with professional family therapists and designed to fit the family needs in the best way possible, both in regards to the length of the meetings and the timeframe of the therapy. Even if the family member with the alcohol addiction does not wish to participate, the remaining family members will still be able to take part in the family therapy meetings.

Furthermore, families are also able to participate in activities within an alcohol-free environment arranged by Landsforeningen Lænken (link).

Mindfulness after treatment

Novavi offers a mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP) program, which integrates mindfulness meditation with traditional relapse prevention therapy.

Traditional relapse prevention therapy is a cognitive behavior therapy, designed to prevent and deal with relapse with patients who have been through treatment for substance abuse. Mindfulness-based relapse prevention is an outpatient aftercare treatment, which supports and maintains the patient’s results and promotes a sustainable lifestyle on their way out of their addiction.

With Mindfulness, we practice a way to be present in our lives, as this can give us the strength we need to face the challenges in our lives. We practice improving our own awareness to be able to step away from our automatic thought process, behavior patterns, as this will make us better at controlling our minds, and our lives instead of letting impulses control us. We practice our awareness in making the right decisions to achieve a life without alcohol or drugs controlling us.

For more information, please call +45 39 45 54 55 or contact our outpatient clinics here.

Information about our treatment

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Brochure about alcohol abuse treatment

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